"Through Jasmine's mentorship, my artistic productivity has improved. She was able to identify exactly what I needed. Jasmine teaches by example that order is not confining, but rather, liberating. She has helped me sort through the practicals of life and prioritize the necessary 'now' steps with complete obedience to God. The tools she has given are facilitating the creativity in me to flourish to freedom, and with focus. What I have learned through Jasmine Tate is more than I expected and is empowering me to thrive in life and as an artist."

- Alyssa Halcombe // Visual Artist + Designer // Columbus, OH

"Working with Jasmine was a complete joy and adventure. I would forewarn the musicians that came in to play on the record, the ones that didn't know her, saying, 'Jasmine is a real free spirit. This isn't going to be like any other record you've worked on. Just go with it.' She writes and sings with a passion and conviction that is truly rare, and her vision was never in short supply."

- Brandon Weaver // Producer at Iron Wing Studios // Covington, KY

"Jasmine Tate is just amazing. Her work is beyond music, it's food of your spirit. It will penetrate the dark, unseen places and bring light and truth to it. Her music will change your life. Trust me, it did for me at a very depressing time of my life."

- Luis Marrero aka @imsuperdope // Influencer // Philadelphia, PA

”…[Her] music and presence are necessary in our culture. Ears will be pleasantly surprised and hearts will come to life!”

- Joy Ike // Singer + Songwriter // Philadelphia, PA

Jasmine Tate is a creatives’ mentor, speaker, artist and worship leader based in Fort Worth, TX. Since starting her musical journey in 2010, she has carried a deep conviction to see the Kingdom of Heaven advanced in the earth through creativity. She’s spent the last several years traveling America to equip creatives and teach communities to think differently about their creative mandate, while continuing to produce and release songs of substance along the way. 


Major universities, ministries, magazines, radio stations and creative communities across America have taken note of Jasmine’s uncanny ability to speak truth to creatives from all walks of life. She’s unapologetic in her call to challenge creatives to walk in character and integrity. This stems from the hard truth that character can keep you where your gift only has the ability to take you. Her main focus however, is teaching creatives to create in the Presence of God, as this is a sure way to see others led into the Presence of God through creativity. This is the Kingdom of Heaven being advanced through creativity. 


Over the last ten years, Jasmine has practiced this as a singer-songwriter. She has released an acoustic EP (Spring 2013), her first full-length album entitled Life and Love (Summer 2014) and a live album entitled Live at the Pittsburgh Winery (Summer 2017). All three projects soared to the Top 30 on the iTunes charts within their genres, but the personal messages, emails and responses to the albums have been the most noteworthy celebration. Beyond charts, numbers or likes, lives being changed has always been and will always be the win for Jasmine. After a several year hiatus from the studio, she returned to the music scene by dropping Better Days - an emotional ballad about seasons changing. This song has given many the simple “permission” they needed to get out of unhealthy, toxic relationships. Another win - lives being changed. 


The best is yet to come for Jasmine, as she looks to deliver a few more songs of substance with the promise of a fresh, unique sound in 2019. She’s also launching a Kickstarter, with the hopes of recording a full-length album to release in 2020. Recently, Jasmine moved to Fort Worth, TX to serve as the Worship & Creative Arts Director at Mercy Culture Church. She’s also the Founder of AXL Creative Co., which is a collective of creative communities with the same mission set to launch in 2020.